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Kids First Visit

A Sucessful First VIsit


  • Weeks before the appointment, prepare your child with a positive dialogue.
  • Avoid relaying personal dental experiences. “When I was a kid, the shot hurt so bad.” Or “The dentist yanked my tooth without a shot.”
  • Always be aware of your child’s ears and the perception of what they are hearing.
  • Remember children are highly intuitive of what they are hearing.
  • Transfer authority from parent to dentist. If possible walk child to dental chair. If able to leave, reassure with positive words and rejoin child after with positive feedback. If unable to leave chair side, allow dentist or hygienist to guide the appointment.
dentist, pain, borować


Mosquito bite

Mr. Whistle


Not feel good






You should expect at the dental appointment a familiarity with an office that you and your child will gain trust and comfortability. Your child will feel a sense of accomplishment and well-being, and most importantly will have a positive perception that may last a lifetime.

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